A 51 year old recently told me “I can’t wait until I can retire. I hope I can do it before 60.” She followed this up with “ I have not re-balanced my 401k in nearly 10 years. I guess I need to tend that garden.”

I get it. If I had a garden, it would be a disaster. I don’t possess the time nor the green thumb needed to grow flowers and fruit. But, we are not talking about tulips and tomatoes. We are talking about 401k’s, the taxed advantaged sword used to fight the true boogeyman we will face in retirement: decreasing buying power (psst, this is the effect of inflation).

If you are reading this and nodding with your best “yup, that’s me too” chagrin do not think you and this woman are alone. A vast majority of 401k contributors default to this “set ‘em and forget ‘em” model. Even when a 401k plan provides automated rebalancing (still not the greatest choice but better than doing nothing) relatively few make the necessary mouse clicks to start it.

Have you accumulated a sizeable 401k but find the task of rebalancing on the list of things you can’t seem to get to or avoid? If so, establish a relationship with a trusted financial advisor and let them help you manage it. This way you can spend time doing more enjoyable things. Like gardening.