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Why do you invest your money? The answer we hear most often and the one that seems to give people the most comfort is “the future”. Over the years of exploring this answer, we have found that any individual client is made up of three distinct clients – who you are now, who you will be in the future and who you love being a hero too. Let’s break these three clients down a bit more.

Client one is your present-self. She has needs that include things like quality-time with loved ones, restaurant dinners as well as big ticket items like vacations, new kitchens and her kid’s college education. The present-self makes decisions that impacts the other two clients. She is the engine that makes everything wellness related go. She is a client of ours.

Client two is what psychologist call “future-self”. He is that person in the fuzzy distance that is largely a complete stranger to you. There is a whole field of study that tethers future-self with economics and the long term decision making process (search hal hershfield future-self). Seinfeld does a hilarious bit on future-self (search night guy Seinfeld). Ultimately, the research shows that those that are more familiar with their future-self tend to make better long term decisions when it comes to overall wellness, financial or otherwise. Whether you like it or not, that person is your partner and also a client of ours.

Client three is out past your future-self in the land we call legacy. He or she cares about college educations for grandchildren, endowments for alma maters and on-going charitable donations. This client lives where humble heroes live. Your legacy is your partner and a client of ours.

There is often a lot of distance between those three clients and our firm’s mission is to close that distance and facilitate collaboration. How do we do that? We have found that the clients drive the conversations, the conversations drive the process and being disciplined to that process drives the outcomes. 

About Us

Financial Advisors – Raleigh, NC

Our firm is a product of an evolution driven by curiosity. Of market gyrations and “great recessions”. Of time spent inside the corporate culture of both banks and broker dealers and understanding neither are for us nor our clients. Of taking the long view through the prism of today’s details. Of the craft that is personal wealth management. Throughout this evolution, we as individuals have always been focused on the best interest of those we serve. This quality is innate in all of us and you can’t work here if you don’t have that core talent.  

We attract clients who like being taken care of. Who recognize and appreciate independent thinking applied to the pragmatic decisions that make up ones financial well-being. Who have grown tired of being lumped in with everyone else and seek advice that recognizes their distinct past, present and future. We attract those who are engaged with us at a cadence we all agree on. Who have a fundamental understanding of markets and that ups and downs are part of the territory. Who appreciate our disciplined approach to investing and harbor a disdain for cookie cutter portfolios. 

We are an Independent Advisory firm and as such we operate within a flat fee only model. So, no hidden fees. There is no being put in a cue on an 800 number line. Instead, a warm, responsive voice. Our conference room’s wall size touchscreen displays your clear, concise, up to date performance reporting. Your dynamic financial plan is designed on the best software our industry has to offer. Our three advisors are respectively in their 60’s, 50’s and 40’s so continuity of service and multi-generational perspectives is part of the firm’s DNA. 

Best in class wealth management, like any well rooted personal relationship, is an ongoing conversation between people. Let’s start a conversation and see if we are a good fit. 919.861.8212

Thank you! 

Olde Raleigh Financial 

Our Mission

We believe a client relationship is an on-going conversation

We believe in concise performance reports and clearly stated fees

We believe accountability and responsiveness are the core of great service

Olde Raleigh Financial Group

3110 Edwards Mill Road, Suite 340,
Raleigh, NC 27612
Phone: 919.861.8212
Mon-Fri 8am to 4:30pm

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